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My Best Season – Where it all started and where it is going.

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

This is my first ever blog, and it's my first ever website and first coaching business, so here


Simon Jones - My Best Season
Simon Jones - My Best Season

My Best Season” where did this come from?

My Best Season came about after years of thinking and talking about setting up a personal

coaching and performance business. I had the original idea over ten years ago when I was

combining working at the Western Australian Institute of Sport and coaching privately that

there was the potential to do this full time. Ten years ago, there were only a handful of

private coaching businesses, such as the one owned by Chris Carmichael (Trainright)

operating out of the US. In my full-time job at that time, I was managing coaches and

performance teams, and not coaching directly as I had been at British Cycling and after only

a few months of being in Australia, I was being approached by riders wanting support.

I have always had a passion for working directly with riders, so in my spare time, I was

coaching around six riders and performing a busy full-time job as Performance Team

Director at WAIS during the day. I was coaching riders from Brazil, the UK, and Australia,

and these 6 included two world tour road riders.

My coaching philosophy has always been about the rider and focusing on what can be

controlled and working on progress and not perfection. So I wanted a business brand name

that was personal, aspirational and had a good talking point After multiple iterations over a

month, the name came to me after a brainstorming session with my best friend Steve who is

a marketing and brand professional based in the U.K. My Best Season is our promise –

thanks, Steve.


Simon Jones - My Best Season
Simon Jones - My Best Season

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